Dutch Records from Malacca in the India Office Records, (1670) 1685 - 1835 (1841)

Description of the Subordinate Components

Court of Justice
Biographical history 
The Raad van Justitie (Court of Justice) exerised criminal and civil jurisduction in Malacca and dependencies. In certain cases appeals lay to the Supreme Court (Hoge Raad) in Batavia, or (during the first period of British rule) to the Privy Council in London. The public Prosecutor at Malacca, who had the title of Fiscal, had summary jurisdiction in petty criminal cases.
The Raad van Politie (Political Council) was responsible for the general administration of Malacca under the direction of the Governor.
Presidents of the Malacca Court of Justice 1780 - 1825 
1780 - 1783 Anthonij Abraham Werndlij 1783 - 1784 Arnoldus Franciscus Lemker 1784 - 1788 Abraham Couperus 1788 - 1799 François Thierens 1799 - 1808 Charles Marinus De Groot 1808 - 1812 Jacob Frans Overree 1812 - 1824 Adriaan Koek 1824 - 1825 Abraham Anthonij Velge (Acting)