Dutch Records from Malacca in the India Office Records, (1670) 1685 - 1835 (1841)

Description of the Subordinate Components


R/9/27   General Correspondence
Correspondence of Jan Samuel Timmerman - Thijssen (Governor of Malacca from September 1818) with various person in Malacca, the East Indies, Europe and America, mostly on family or business matters (in Dutch and English)
1805 Mar 23 - 1819 Jan 5
Letter from Raja Ali of Rombouw to the Governor of Malacca (the original in Malay with Dutch translation)
1819 Nov 29
Letters from the Government of Malacca to various Malay princes
1825 Jan 17 - Feb 15
Copy of a letter from Daniel Koek, Secretary of the Orphan Chamber to Messrs Westerman and de Nys at Batavia regarding the education of Master Stecher
1826 Apr 1
This document is in English.