Dutch Records from Malacca in the India Office Records, (1670) 1685 - 1835 (1841)

Description of the Subordinate Components


R/9/28   Regulations, Dutch East Indies
Judicial regulations for the Dutch East Indies ( (includes an extract of pp 883 - 906 of published regulations of Oct 1749)
1670 Dec 13 - 1749 Oct
Regulations for procedure in civil and criminal cases
nd (mid - 18th century)
Instructions for courts of justice in outlying settlements of the Dutch East Indies - part 4 - rules for procedure in criminal cases (with list of contents, incomplete)
nd (circa 1754)
Miscellaneous documents regarding the office of Fiscal (includes a precedence list for the Dutch East Indies revised to 20 Jun 1783)
1753 Mar 30 - 1791 Jun 28
Extracts from published regulations regarding the conduct of servants of the Dutch East India Company, including the oaths of office of the Governor and subordinate Governors
nd (circa 1780)
Extracts from proceedings of the Council of India, Batavia
1791 Jan 25 - Sep 20
This document is in a very bad physical condition and cannot be available at present for consultation.
Index to regulations regarding the Government of Malacca
nd ( c. 1792)
Extracts of regulations of the Governments of Batavia and Malacca regarding private trade on Company's ships, etc., etc.
1790 Oct 5 - 1799 Nov 9
Extract from the published regulations of the Governor General, Batavia, regarding the duties of notaries and the fees payable to notaries and other court officials
1822 Mar 7