Dutch Records from Malacca in the India Office Records, (1670) 1685 - 1835 (1841)

Description of the Subordinate Components


R/9/33   Convicts and Jails
Letter from Lieutenant Schonermarck of the Engineers, to the Procurator Fiscal, regarding the supply of 24 chains for convicts employed on public works
1823 Feb 9
Monthly lists of prisoners confined in Malacca Jail stating nationality, nature of crime, and sentence
1825 Apr 9 - 1826 Jun 30
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Order of the Resident of Malacca, W.G MacKenzie, directing that Tom a slave of Hendrik Kraal, be flogged and then committed to the Misericordia Jail
1827 Jun 20
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Weekly returned of local convicts, debtors and prisoners in the Misericordia Jail, Malacca
1827 Jun 25
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Receipt given by Pancho for a reward for apprehending a convict called Jaafar who had escaped from Singapore
1827 Jul 31
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List of Local convicts sentenced at Malacca in the Quarter Session beginning 1 Apr 1829, dated 30 Sep 1829, giving nature of crime, date of trial and sentence
1829 Sep 30
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Invitation for tenders for supplying the Company's convicys with provisions from 1 Jul 1829 to 30 Jun 1830
1829 Jul 1 - 1830 Jun 30
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