Dutch Records from Malacca in the India Office Records, (1670) 1685 - 1835 (1841)

Description of the Subordinate Components


R/9/38   Shipping
Extracts from ecrees of the Council of India, Batavia, regarding private trade on Company's ships, etc. (see also R/9/28/8 above)
1738 Mar 10 - 1794 Feb 24
This document is in a very bad physical condition and cannot be available at present for consultation.
Contract entered into by Tjina Tambij Lebe and Abdul Cader Lebe with Governor David Boelen and Malik Faizullah, to ship a quantity of arrack from Malacca to the Coromandel Coast
1760 Nov 9
Letter from J.A. School and L. Marcus to Abrahamus Couperus, Governor of Malacca regarding an inspection of the Company's ship De Eensgezindheld
1789 Aug
Account on the voyage of the Griffivenfrom Malacca to Riau and back
1789 Jun 2 - Sep 1
Extract from the log of the barque De Waakeron her voyage to Riau
1791 Dec 19 - 1792 Jan 31
Correspondence of Charles Wallace Young, Master Attendant at Malacca, with Anders Neegaard, Captain of the Danish ship Kildeweld, and others
1800 Jun 28 - Jul 1
This document is in English.
Documents regarding the brig Juno and her Captain Abraham Julies Wiederhold, including an extract from the log of her voyage from Malacca towards the Coromandel Coast (in Dutch, English and Portuguese)
1817 Nov5 - 1818 Jul 20
Bill of sale transferring ownership of the Swedish brig Seilerinfrom Issac Burgess and Henry Bear to Lie Tieuwko, dated Batavia
1821 Jul 31
Papers regarding the ownership, registration, etc, of various vessles, viz: the Enterprize, Martin, Esperance, Goede Intentie, Stonham, Shu Meulle, Catharina, Helena, Toehong and Henriette
1812 Feb 8 - 1825 Jan 11
Papers regarding the ownership of the ships Catharina, Shu Meulle, Maria, Kadir Bukshetc. (in Dutch and English)
1820 Mar 9 - 1825 Nov 4
List of the officers and crew of the Scaleby Castle, signed William Bruce, Pursuer
1825 Oct 10
This document is in English.
List of the crew of the brig Mary
1826 Apr
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List of passengers on board the East Indiaman Earl of Balcarras, signed J.L. Wardell, Pursuer
nd (Sep 1826)
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List of the crew of the schooner Mary Anderson
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List of passengers and crew of the brig Seahorse on a voyage from Penang to Malacca
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Statement of expenses incurred in fitting out two boats to be employed against the pirates
1829 Feb 14 - 17
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