Dutch Records from Malacca in the India Office Records, (1670) 1685 - 1835 (1841)

Description of the Subordinate Components


R/9/39    Marriages
Formula of Dutch Protestant marriage ceremony
Copy made at Batavia 13 Oct 1712 of a document of 10 Mar 1712 relating to the marriage of Hendrik Engelert and Susan Braut
1712 Oct 13
Register of marriages conducted in the Town Hall, Malacca and elsewhere by the Clerk to the Court of Justice, Jacob Hendriks (gives the names, place of origin and marital status of bride and bridegroom)
1820 Jul 18 - 1824 May 4
Licence granting Willem Springveld permission to marry Johanna Smith 17 Feb 1824 (enclosed with letter from the Registrar of Marriages to the Court of Justice 6 Mar 1824)
1824 Feb 17